Cork & Rubber Vinyl Mat


If you are still using loose-hole felt slipmat for your turntable, this is a good sonic(& visual) upgrade. This mat is an unique combination of antistatic cork and rubber granules to improve over all sound quality while sleek & simple design gives class to your system.

By using constrained damping layer constructions, this mat absorbs resonances and vibrations before it is radiated as noise and transmitted to other system components. It helps cleaner and sharper imaging, improving dynamic range and tighten bass response. We found that adding a plastic slip mat (or cutout circle from usual record shop plastic bag) underneath this mat helps reduce the static even more and handling this heavy matt easier on the platter.

Diameter: 29.5 cm Thickness: 3,0mm Weight: 155g

Material composite properties:
- cleaner and sharper imaging, improved dynamic range, tighter bass response.
- cork and rubber mat will provide across the board sonic improvement.
- eliminate static electricity on your records.
- absorbs resonances and vibrations.
- suitable for most turntables.

*Please note VAT charges apply to all EU customers on this product.