Anti-Static Vinyl Brush


Drain the static charge from your records and lift any residual dust and grime. The conductivity of the brush’s carbon fibre bristles eliminates static charges while gently and efficiently removing the dust, grit and particles that bung up your vinyl’s grooves and degrade your record’s sound. The conductive carbon fibers reach deep into the grooves of your vinyl to remove even the smallest particles, leaving your records clean while prolonging the life of vinyl and stylus.

AM Clean Sound was founded 1971 in Denmark. Although they were designed to match with Danish high end audio brands such as Bang & Olufsen or Braun, this simple and clean design sits well with any record listening environment.

** How it works ** Gently hold the fibres of the brush in the grooves as the record spins. After the record makes a full rotation, angle the 

fibres  towards the outside of the record and carefully sweep the particles from the vinyl surface. The record’s static charge is neutralised when the carbon fibre is swept over the record.

Please note VAT applies to all EU customers on this product.