Beating Heart Project 
Mint Mint
Beauty & The Beat UK 2019 African House

Latest release from long term party friends and big inspiration Beauty & The Beat together with South African collective Beating Heart Project featuring different artists sampling and remixing field recordings made by Hugh Tracey during the 1950's in South Africa. Also important to mention this project supports gender equality in South Africa through the Women’s Legal Centre, as well as helping to teach music production skills to kids at Grahamstown’s Access Music Project. My favourites here are the slower "Tula Mutwana" by Thor Rixon and the more housy "Lamnandi" by The Happy Show. Check also the other two tunes "Somagwaza II" by Boys Ride Bikes and "Wonderful_Sushi" by Nabihah Iqbal. Shouts and love to Cyril, Cedric and Jeremy for everything they've done for the music community that have inspired so many of us.<3


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  • B1: Thor Rixon - Tula Mutwana
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  • B2: The Happy Show - Lamnandi
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  • A1: Boys Ride Bikes - Somagwaza II
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  • A2: Nabihah Iqbal - Wonderful_Sushi
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