Record Weight


This is the ultimate record weight you need. Innovative patented design that is able to use double side for both as a stabiliser and a 45 holder. One side is flat for 12" and other small hole records. The other side has a perfectly sized 45 adapter built into the weight, allowing stabilisation of your 45s.

Made of 100% high grade stainless steel for the perfect heaviness (445g), handling and portability. It does fit nicely in your hand and every piece comes with safe and compact storage box, ideal for both travel and protection.

Record stabiliser is a must item (or two) for all record lovers. It helps stabilise the record to minimise or alleviate vibrations and feedback as well as helps to flatten warps, allowing less than ideal copies of records to be played, back-cued and handled with ease. It also helps increasing clarity and tighten up low frequencies while performing accurate sonic reproduction.

*Please note VAT charges apply to all EU customers on this product.