Choice Works 1982 - 1985 
LP Compilation
Mint Mint
Time Capsule UK 2018 Balearic Boogie

"Choice Works 1982-1985" by Japanese fusion guitarist Yuji Toriyama is the second release on our own Time-Capsule label. The track selection is a combination of instrumental boogie and balearic tracks that were released in three different albums during that period and is curated by label manager Kay Suzuki. If you would like to know more about the release you can check the video interviews with the artist and liner notes here. Here is some of the tracks for you to listen. Enjoy! (*VAT 20% will be applied to EU customer)



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  • A1: Night Together
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  • B1: Donna
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  • B2: Maze
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  • B3 - Bay/Sky Province Town 1977
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  • A2: Stranger In The Mirror
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