Offerings To The Stars - A Zither Performance 
East-West Art Studio US 1978 Folk New Age

Folk / new age double LP by unknown artist Tseng Ta-Yu. His only release. A nice album to liste throughout, the whole thing is good. Comes in a beautiful gatefold cover with attached gatefold booklet including some poems, drawings and chinese calligraphy, all of it created by the artist himself. Cover is in superb condition apart from some pen writing / signing on the inside saying "To Helen: May your life be as harmonius as music and as meaningful as poetry". Nice present and wishful words I must say Helen! You can listen to some of the tracks here.


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  • A4: Seranade To The Stars
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  • D2: In Rememberance Of Sri Lanka (Dedicated To Amelia)
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  • B3: Winds & Mists & Dreams
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  • C1: Cosmic Dance
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  • C5: A Dream Of Kulangsu
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